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Leaving Home Moving On

Housing options for people with a disability

Traditionally housing options for people with a disability have been limited by the lack of funding to purchase support services which may be needed to live independently. In addition access to appropriate public or social housing close to family and friends has been difficult to obtain. With the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme ensuring provision of funding for reasonable and necessary supports, the possibilities for you to move out of home is increased.

Our principles:
  • There needs to be a range of options for people consistent with individual preferences and needs
  • The housing options should mirror what is available in the general community
  • The options need to maximise choice and flexibility and be financially sustainable
  • Support needs ie: assistance with activities of daily living need to be factored in to make the housing options a success. These needs can be met by a combination of formal and informal support.
JewishCare is supporting people with a disability living:

  • With their families in the family home
  • In a self contained flat near the family home
  • In a group home with 2-3 other residents – including one owned by a family 
  • In public housing which costs 25% of the pension
  • In private rental properties subsidised by individuals and families.

What JewishCare is planning for the future

As part of life planning and goal setting we have compiled information on some of the housing options people are considering and what are the critical considerations for them. Please click on the below link to download the Living Well Moving On brochure.

We have partnered with Enabled Housing to enable people to live independently with co-residents.